Robert L. Peters

22 March 2007


Calgary, Alberta


At the invitation of GDC Alberta South Chapter I created one of 50 pieces of art to be auctioned off in ’07 Art Attack as a “live and silent auction” scholarship fund-raiser for students of Alberta College of Art & Design (ACAD)—reserve bid $150 per work. Each invited artist was provided with a 10-inch square frame and encouraged to express her or himself freely…

Erotic sells, right? My mixed-media piece entitled “Absence of Innocence” was comprised of graphite illustration on Arches paper, anonymous poetry, tree-thorn piercings (thorns gathered on a trip to South Africa), and an African ivory carving of Mizaru (the “see no evil” member of the “three wise monkeys,” from the Japanese pictorial maxim 三匹の猿, sanbiki no saru)—this sole simian was left over from a memento set received as a gift from missionary cousins when I was a child (from at that time, Belgian Congo). Inspiration? No doubt the fact that my lover had been on an extended trip to California had more than a little to do with it…

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