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14 October 2012

In support of Obama… from

Ted McGrath : On social issues like Women’s Rights, Gay Marriage and Immigration, the right wing of American politics continues to move further away from the right side of history, going even so far as to enshrine backward-looking and discriminatory ideas, language and policy goals as part of their official party platform. I’m rejecting the politics of “no” and supporting President Obama to keep our country on the right side of history and true to the principals of equality and justice upon which it was founded.


ALSO : ‘Shaping the Future’ We wanted to focus on Obama’s proactive vision for the country, one that promotes long term solutions to the problems we face. This quote sums up this philosophy, and also inspires us to make the future we want. (ALSO is Matt Lamothe, Julia Rothman and Jenny Volvovski)


Devin Washburn : One issue that really resonates with me is Obama’s support for gay marriage. Just the act of taking a stance like that is a major achievement. I wanted to create something simple and straight forward that expressed how something like this can bring the country together.

See more posters here.

12 October 2012

The sacred is in the ordinary, in one's daily life, in one's neighbours, friends, family, in one's backyard.

Abraham Maslow (1908-1970)

11 October 2012 posters…

Elizabeth Amorose : Women comprise 51% of the American population and are clearly not a special interest group, even though Republican leaders often treat us that way. Through the Fair Pay Act, Obamacare, and his public statements, Barack Obama has demonstrated his commitment to women. What better reason to vote for him? For this poster, I used embroidery, a medium that evokes a sense of Americana. And it is an often marginalized or dismissed art form, much like the sex that practices it almost exclusively.


Woody Pirtle : Clearly, Romney is a good businessman but he can’t be trusted to look out for the average American. He’s already dismissed 47% of us and 52 of the remaining 53% should be skeptical that he’s going to watch their backs. His Romney/Ryan plan is focused on the remaining 1% and will strip away the progress we’ve made in the last 4 years. Let’s stick with Obama and keep moving forward. We can’t afford to go back to the failed policies that got us into this mess in the first place.


Tomi Um : High quality education makes fertile ground for students to aim higher and achieve their dreams. President Obama knows that educated students make for a better country and a brighter world.


Bonnie Siegler : Obama’s position on women’s rights, foreign policy, education, health care, the environment, marriage equality and immigration are all compelling reasons to re-elect him. However, for me, the most important reason (and one that affects all the others) remains the simple and beautiful fact that he CARES. I think that unique yet often overlooked fact deserves special attention. (Photograph by Pete Souza).

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10 October 2012

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.


8 October 2012

A salute | The PEZ Girl

Vienna, Austria

PEZ was created in 1927 by Austrian health-fanatic Edward Haas III, using oil of peppermint (at that time, only available from chemists) to create a candy for adults. The name “PEZ” comes from the German word for peppermint… PfeffeErminZ. Initially sold in tin containers (much like Altoids), PEZ were marketed as a luxury breath freshener. In 1949, PEZ came out with a pocket-sized dispenser, resembling the shape of a cigarette lighter—and began to be marketed as a sophisticated alternative to smoking. “The lighter-shaped dispenser was not only a trick to play on smokers asking for a light, but it was hygienic, allowing PEZ users to give the candy to friends without touching it.” The company’s motto in 1949 was “No smoking—PEZing allowed.”

The real marketing break-through for PEZ came by means of a graphic artist named Gerhard Brause, whose sexy depiction of the PEZ girl helped spread the brand around the world (PEZ was introduced in the USA in 1952, but marketing was soon focused on children instead, primarily through the use of dispensers featuring “character” heads). Nowadays PEZ is available in over 80 countries with 65 million dispensers and 4.2 billion PEZ candies consumed every year.

I grew up in Frankfurt, Germany, and I remember acquiring my first PEZ pocket dispenser while in Kindergarten in 1958—at that time, we would buy PEZ refills from wall-mounted coin-operated vending machines. Shown above are some of the PEZ Girl illustrations created by Gerhard Brause.

7 October 2012

Thanks Herb.

New York, USA

When I began full-time practice back in 1976, the profession of graphic design was going through some dynamic changes. Looking back, if I were to identify the 10 designers who I was most influenced by, Herb Lubalin (1918-1981) would certainly be on that list—his bold and innovative graphic approach, engaging ligatures, and eclectic typography are unforgettable.

A new monograph on Herb Lubalin has just been published, and a nice set of Lubalin images can be found online here.

6 October 2012


Friends of mine in the USA have jumped back into the fray… 30 designers will each create a poster that represents a reason to re-elect President Obama.

Back in ’08 we featured posters by some of the best designers and artists in America. We reached hundreds of thousands of registered voters, and are upping the ante for 2012. This year we’re providing powerful visual messages and the facts to back them up. Let’s stop the misinformation and give voters 30 reasons to vote for Barack Obama in November.

Starting on October 8th, we’ll reveal a new poster on every day until the election. Join our mailing list, and we’ll email you each poster so you can share them with fellow supporters or undecided friends.

4 October 2012

Sputnik… launched 55 years ago on this day.

Moscow, Russia

The “Space Age” began on 4 October 1957 with the Soviet Union’s launch into orbit of Sputnik—the first man-made satellite.

Na zdorovye!

3 October 2012

Swedish posters for Hollywood movies…

From the 1930s… many more here.

(Thanks to my friend JuanMa Sepulvida in Madrid for the link).

2 October 2012

I could not tread these perilous paths in safety, if I did not keep a saving sense of humour.

Horatio Nelson

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