Robert L. Peters

22 May 2009

Drones at the karaoke lounge of design…


Vancouver, Canada

Eric Karjaluoto is a design-focused thinker and a very good writer—he’s also a talented and award-winning designer, ‘serial entrepreneur’, and a founding partner at smashLAB, a strategic interactive agency. Many in our field know him for the Design Can Change initiative he spearheaded in 2007 in an effort to unite designers to address climate change. A piece posted by Eric yesterday on his popular blog ideasonideas is well worth the read, here

“The invasion of design has begun, fueled by an army of talented newcomers and low-cost offshore services. This new breed trades methodology for mimicry and by doing so radically undercuts pricing, sometimes even working for free. Like it or not, supply and demand in the design industry is undergoing upheaval. Worse yet, for design buyers it’s getting harder to differentiate between good and bad design.” (full article here)

Thanks for sharing your intelligent views, and keep up the good work Eric!

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