Robert L. Peters

22 March 2012

‘koh’…island seating system

Bangkok, Thailand

‘koh’ is a modular seating system designed for use in public areas such as lobbies, pools, spas, and courtyards. Capable of being customized in material and colour, and either movable or fixed, the sofas encourage dynamic interaction among visitors while offering organizations a flexible way to furnish various spaces. The word ‘koh’ in Thai means ‘island’… reflecting the way that the seating scheme appears as an archipelago when seen from above.

Conceived by Israeli designer Eyal Soodai (sooda-e studio), ‘koh’ is the winning design in the category of ‘hotel and hospitality’ for the TIFF 2012 Award, whose theme ‘inside outside’ celebrates designs in which aesthetics and the environment share an equal role. The competition included participation by 3025 designers from 87 different countries, and was organized by designboom in collaboration with the Thailand Department of Export Promotion (DEP), the Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government, and TIFF — the Thailand International Furniture Fair.

Source: designboom

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