Robert L. Peters

2 September 2004

Robert L. Peters interview featured on Netdiver

Montreal, Quebec

An intimate ‘up close interview’ with Circle’s founder Robert L. Peters has been posted on the popular Netdiver website. Edited by Netdiver’s Carole Guervin, the Q+A piece explores Peters’ background, philosophy and approach to design.

For example, here is Peters’ response to the question: “Describe what is inspiration?”—“Inspiration is a stimulation of our intellect or emotions. The word itself means to ‘draw in’ in the way that we breathe air into our lungs. In theological terms, inspiration means to be imbued with influence, a divine guidance to the mind and soul of humankind. In more carnal terms, we could think of things that are ‘turn-ons’ or triggers to our thoughts and actions.”

Peters continues: “I believe that understanding inspiration (and how to inspire) is critical for designers who wish to engage specific audiences and then move them to take action. Inspiration can be found and stimulated in many places and many ways – the top two for me are spending time in Nature (Canada provides great opportunities for canoeing, hiking, climbing and biking in pristine wilderness) and through diverse human interaction.”

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