Robert L. Peters

16 February 2006

Public lecture at University of Edmonton




Edmonton, Alberta

I was pleased to have the opportunity of presenting my lecture “The Future: by Design” here in the Department of Art and Design at the University of Edmonton, and gratified that many braved the bitterly cold weather (-25 degrees Celcius) to attend on a Thursday evening. It was great to cross paths with old Icograda friends and GDC acquaintances as well… (dinner with professors Walter Jungkind, Jorge Frascara, and Sue Colberg was a special treat, as was chatting over late beers with Michael Surtees).

5 February 2006

Celebrating 50 Years of Canadian Graphic Design


Ottawa, Canada

GDC Fellows are individuals who have been recognized by the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) as having made an exceptional contribution to the Society and to Canadian graphic design over the past fifty years. The GDC asked each of its fellows to develop a poster commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Society… and here is my submission.

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“Design is the application of intent. Graphic design targets the eye, and ultimately the mind’s eye, of both the individual beholder and the broader audience. Strategy, concept, message, and visual vocabulary connect sender and receiver by means of graphic acuity and attraction… you see?”


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