Robert L. Peters

5 September 2006

Trend upwards…


Golden, British Columbia

A highlight of my summer has been a week of mountaineering with a small group of climbing friends in the remote Adamant Range of the rugged Selkirk Mountains in British Columbia. After considerable agonizing (re: the questionable environmental ethics of using a helicopter for pleasure, etc.) we finally opted to chopper in to the beautiful Fairy Meadow, along with rock and glacier gear and a week’s provisions. We stayed at the ACC’s Bill Putnam hut, and were blessed with spectacular weather that allowed for numerous summits and awe-inspiring views—though physically taxing, the week was a splendid time of fellowship and rejuvenation.

That’s me on the approach to Mt. Colossal (not shown) with Peter Aitchison on a blistering hot day… the glacier was literally melting under our feet, making for some exciting crevasse crossings on the descent.

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