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31 December 2012

Hope, peace, and joy to you and yours…

Rural Manitoba, Canada

Happy New Year!

Many thanks to the 104,000 unique visitors (from 184 countries) who dropped by this blog during 2012 (84% were first-time visitors). Thanks also to each of you who has contributed ideas, inspiration, suggestions, and comments…

30 December 2012

A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong.

Tecumseh (1768-1813, Shawnee leader)

29 December 2012


London, UK

Complex philosophical concepts are explained by means of basic shapes and concise definitions in these clever, minimalist, and colourful Philographics by Catalonian-born designer Genís Carreras.

22 December 2012

A grateful salute to friends… worldwide.

21 December 2012

Short day. Long night.

Late dawn. Early sunset… for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, today’s winter solstice marks the longest night and shortest day of the year — here’s a Yuletide cheer to the longer and brighter days to come!

20 December 2012

Bushmaster target marketing…

(American advert)

As a man, I find it very sad when “masculinity” is equated with dominant force and “firepower” in such a clichéd manner… thankfully much of the “civilized” world has moved beyond equating virility with aggression and violence.

Killing scores of young children by firing hundreds of high-velocity rounds from a semiautomatic military-style Bushmaster assault rifle is “macho?” Really?

19 December 2012

Our thoughts are with… Chief Theresa Spence

Ottawa, Canada

Chief Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat First Nation is in the 9th day of her hunger strike on Victoria Island, about 1.3 km from Canada’s Parliament Buildings on Capital Hill. She has called for a face-to-face meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and representatives of the Queen regarding First Nations treaty issues.

There is a groundswell of support for the bold stance she is taking, not just among Canada’s 1.2 million Aboriginal descendents, but also across non-Aboriginal “mainstream” Canada and beyond.

18 December 2012

Dawn Hochsprung… a name to remember.


16 December 2012

Friends are the family you choose for yourself.

(sounds cheesy… but true)

15 December 2012

People with guns kill people.

Any questions?

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