Robert L. Peters

14 February 2003

Brasil! Brasil! Brasil!


Menlo Park, California

A 14 page feature article describing graphic design in South America’s colorful powerhouse and exhibiting a selection of this dynamic country’s best graphic design, appears in the March/April 2003 (#319) issue of Communication Arts magazine. The feature article, which describes the state of Brazilian graphic design today and provides a cultural and historical context for the work presented, was researched, written, and compiled by Circle’s principal Robert L. Peters. Peters was recently in Brasil in conjunction with his role as President of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda). This feature article is richly illustrated with samples of work from dozens of Brazilian designers, all members of the Associacao dos Designers Graficos (ADG Brasil).

Peters describes Brasil through the eyes of a foreigner—as a massive land of great contrasts, and as a multicultural mosaic in which passion, exuberance and generosity abound. He closes the article with the following comment:“While Brazil shares many of the competitive challenges as other nations in a globalized marketplace, it does enjoy a somewhat unique position, balanced as it is between the developed and developing countries, and given its massive influence within the Latin American region. In this context, the importance of speaking a worldwide language and having a view to the outside is obvious, as is the need for sensitivity to local context. If Brazilian designers respect the differences and embrace the commonalities, I have a sense that the future will smile in their favor.”

Peters has been contributing articles to Communication Arts magazine since 1995. He has previously written for CA on design and design events in Russia, Portugal, Uruguay, Australia, Korea, and Japan. Link to ADG Brasil.

Read or download the feature article here. (3.55 MB PDF)

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