Robert L. Peters

27 April 2003

Icograda Education Network launched on World Graphics Day

Brno, Czech Republic

The Icograda Education Network (IEN) website launched today—on World Graphics Day, 27 April 2003, which is also the 40th birthday of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda). The IEN brings together the worldwide community of graphic design educational institutions in a convenient online network, allowing for increased visibility and connectivity among design institutions and design educators. The IEN evolved following an inaugural meeting in Brno, Czech Republic in June 2002 that was attended by 73 educational delegates from 28 countries.

The IEN’s objectives include: 1) creating opportunities for exchange and collaboration at all levels of graphic design education; 2) examining current and future needs and challenges of design education; 3) advancement of teaching methods and research opportunities; 4) organising collaborative projects, seminars, symposia, conferences, etc.; and, 5) sharing experiences for mutual benefit. The IEN hopes to enlist graphic design educational institutions in all countries. Participation is open to all schools offering specific post-secondary programs in graphic design.

This IEN website was conceived and developed by Robert L. Peters, President of Icograda, working in concert with his board members and the talented team of designers and programmers at Intrinsix.

11 April 2003

Walking backwards into the future…


Vancouver, Canada

In April I was in Vancouver along with Delphine Hirasuna, Terry Irwin, George Fok, and Paul Tew as guests of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, British Columbia Chapter (GDC/BC), to judge Graphex’03: The Best of Visual Communication in Canada. Submissions from across Canada reflected the high calibre of graphic design one might expect, including some truly outstanding projects.

Judging took place at Capilano College, and each juror also gave a presentation to the local design community. The title of my talk was Walking backwards into the future… (drawn from a Maori saying relating to the wisdom of reflection and forethought). Thanks to the hard-working chapter executives and volunteers who helped make Graphex03 the big success it was.

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