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28 November 2007

Peace on earth,



As Christmas season approaches (each year) I find myself more and more depressed. Beyond the annoyance I find in the commercialization of it all, I get particularly frustrated at the seeming disconnect… the concept of peace and love and the “real meaning” (yeah, right) being missed by all and sundry. I stumbled across this compelling photo essay… an encouraging ray of light from unexpected quarters (I’m usually quite suspect of Time magazine and their veracity). Take in the photo essay re: military deserters here, or another engaging visual piece (“The War at Home”) here. When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn…

An excremental exegesis…

I was raised in a strictly religious household (my parents were devout Mennonites), and I’ve always been interested in belief systems (I even spent a year of bible study in the UK, followed by some work with an African mission). I’m not sure where or when the following “exegesis” on Shite first crossed my desk (a few years back, author unknown), but on re-review it still seems germane…

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Taoism | Shit happens.

Confucianism | Confucius say, “Shit Happens.”

Calvinism | Shit happens because you don’t work hard enough.

Buddhism | If shit happens, it really isn’t shit.

Seventh Day Adventist | No shit on Saturdays.

Zen | What is the sound of shit happening?

Hedonism | There’s nothing like a good shit happening.

Hinduism | This shit happened before.

Mormon | This shit is going to happen again.

Islam | If shit happens, it is the will of Allah.

Moonies | Only happy shit really happens.

Stoicism | This shit is good for me.

Protestantism | Let the shit happen to someone else.

Catholicism | Shit happens because you are BAD.

Hare Krishna | Shit happens rama rama.

Judaism | Why does this shit always happen to US?

Zoroastrianism | Shit happens half the time.

Christian Science | Shit is in your mind.

Atheism | Sheeit.

Existentialism | What is shit anyway?

Rastafarianism | Let’s smoke this shit.

25 November 2007

Banksy hits the Big Apple




New York, New York

A show of works by the ubiquitous Banksy, anarchist artist extraordinaire (aka “the invisible man of graffiti art”) is scheduled to open at the Vanina Holasek Gallery in New York on 2 December… no doubt to be accompanied by impromptu creative iterations around the city. I’ve admired Banksy’s work for years, particularly with respect to his evocative anti-war, anti-capitalist, and pro-freedom statements.

A “best and brightest” piece in Esquire describes him as: “A phantom with a stencil and a can of spray paint, maybe the premier “Guerrilla Street Artist” in the world, Banksy is almost impossible to find, but his work is everywhere. And he makes people very, very happy.”

Read more about Banksy here; see more of Banksy’s art here.

23 November 2007

Buy Nothing Day


Help celebrate Buy Nothing Day

22 November 2007



DesignNotes is a blog published by Michael Surtees (formerly of Saskatoon, then Edmonton) who’s been living and working in New York of late—he “tries to see life filtered through design…” and is a remarkably insightful observer and commentator re: Zeitgeist. Connect to DesignNotes here.

21 November 2007

graffito | graffiti


Winnipeg, Canada

This wall posting and elevated hydro-pole installation mysteriously appeared in the alley behind our Exchange District office one night last week… to whomever is responsible—I approve (it sure beats the incessant and facelessly defacing tagging).

20 November 2007



Winnipeg, Canada

I feel fortunate to work with a talented and astute group of colleagues at Circle, such as Adrian Shum, a young designer who joined our team about three years ago. He’s active as GDC Manitoba’s Activities Chair and posts regularly to the eponymous, palindromic MUHSASHUM on blogspot, “…a blog about Design, Art/Culture & Whatever….” Check it out here.

19 November 2007

Women in art


500 years of female portraits in Western art set to Bach’s Sarabande from Suite for Solo Celo No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007 performed by Yo-Yo Ma… created by Philip of St. Louis… click here.

18 November 2007

FITC Road Show,



Winnipeg, Canada

Saturday was an interesting day back here in the ‘Peg, and I once again gave my “Design 101” talk at FITC’s “Design & Technology” event… though I must admit I felt like somewhat of a dinosaur presenting alongside high-energy Flash aficionados such as Hoss Gifford, Joshua Davis, and Eric Natzke. While my “design primer”presentation dealt with important (read boring?) fundamentals such as the basics of form, composition, typography (e.g. legibility), colour theory, and visual Gestalt principles, theirs exhibited the cutting edge of motion graphics, like this

16 November 2007

What Would Jesus Buy?


Just in time to help curb pre-Xmas shopping… Morgan Spurlock’s (Super Size Me) new documentary, What Would Jesus Buy?, examines the commercialization of Christmas in America while following Reverend Billy and The Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir on a cross-country mission to save Christmas from SHOPOCALYPSE… an epic journey from chilling exorcisms at Wal-Mart headquarters, to retail interventions at Mall of America, and all the way to the Promised Land. Look for it in local theaters soon.

View the trailer or visit the official website.

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