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8 January 2008

i love typography


Kagawa, Japan 日本香川県

Check out this great website on all things typographical… i love typography is a fine online resource created by John T. Boardley with the goal of “…bringing the subject of Typography to the masses… (and to) make people more aware of the typography that is around them.” Find lots of content and links for typophiles and neophytes alike here.

The graphic shown above features the recently-released Meta Serif by New Zealander Kris Sowersby of KLIM (

7 January 2008

Winter Soldier redux


Washington, USA

In 1972 (while I was still living in Germany) I saw a powerful anti-war documentary that had screened at Cannes that summer—Winter Soldier. This powerful testimonial to the atrocities of the Vietnam War (shot largely at a motel in Detroit where The Vietnam Veterans Against the War had come together in a solidarity of witness) made a lasting impression on me, and was influential in (finally) shifting public opinion against the decades-long U.S. aggression in Vietnam. You can watch a trailer for the original movie Winter Soldier here.

I’ve been informed by a cousin of mine (Boyd Reimer, a tireless activist for peace and social justice who lives in Toronto) about an upcoming action that sounds to be of merit. Boyd is engaged with The War Resisters Support Campaign which has called for a pan-Canadian mobilization on Saturday, January 26th, 2008 to: 1) ensure that deportation proceedings against U.S. war resisters currently in Canada cease immediately; and, 2) ensure that a provision be enacted by Parliament ensuring that U.S. war resisters refusing to fight in Iraq have a means to gain status in Canada. Read more about that Canadian campaign here.

In the U.S., plans are afoot for a Winter Soldier redux of sorts: from March 13-16, 2008 (40 years to the day following the horrific events of the My Lai massacre), Iraq Veterans Against the War will gather in Washington “to break the silence and hold our leaders accountable…” Link to more information from the Iraq Veterans Against The War here.

6 January 2008

Collection Canada 2007 released…


Ottawa, Canada

The “living legend” singer-songwriter greats for whom we designed stamps this past year (Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Anne Murray, and Paul Anka) are the central feature (20 pages!) of the recently-released compendium Collection Canada 2007: A Yearbook of Canadian Stamps, a book that’s “sure to strike a chord with philatelic enthusiasts, Canadiana lovers—anyone who appreciates strikingly beautiful books.”

3 January 2008

O Canada…


Winnipeg, Canada

My good friend Mike Grandmaison is one of this beautiful country’s top outdoor photographers. He’s been busy in the past while with two successful books on the market: Canada (a bestseller), and The Canadian Rockies, (both by Key Porter Books Ltd.) as well as a whole lot of land-based travel (Mike doesn’t fly, which contributes to his comprehensive understanding of Canada’s vast vistas). A third coffee-table book is expected out within the next two months: Georgian Bay: A Photographer’s Wonderland.

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