Robert L. Peters

22 January 2012

A new Australian flag… (finally).

Melbourne, Australia

My good friend Russell Kennedy (Icograda President from 2009-2011 and an Adjunct Research Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology) has launched a website to help promote a proposal for a new Australian flag. This comprehensive study features an integrated system of ensigns which represent unity through design and diversity through colour. The proposal is that the Advance Australia National Flag replace the current Australian flag by the year 2020.

“Many people now acknowledge that he current Australian flag is not a unique design and agree that it is not suitable as a national flag—it is actually a colonial flag/ensign. To feature the flag of another country on our flag is perceived as subservient and illogical. And to claim that the Union Jack on the Australian Flag symbolises the historical origin of our people is highly disrespectful to Indigenous Australians. The Advance Australia National Flag both acknowledges and proudly celebrates indigenous Australia as the world’s oldest, continuous living culture.”

Learn lots more about this interesting proposal here. Watch a brief video clip here that shows how the kangaroo on this proposed flag design literally leaps in the wind… beautiful!

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