Robert L. Peters

16 January 2008

Brazilian posters… travelling exhibition.



São Paulo, Brazil

Designer Rico Lins has put together an impressive exhibition of “the best Brazilian posters produced since the 1950s” as an international show that debuted in the show Brésil à l‘Affiche in Chaumont, France in 2006—it’s considered to be the most important exhibit of Brazilian graphic design to date. I met Rico recently in Havana and he asked whether I would help promote this exhibition, which is now available to tour worldwide (interest has already been expressed in Canada, India, and Cuba). The show would be of particular interest to graphic design associations (the 80 posters are easy to ship and to mount, and a resource-rich DVD is available to help promote the exhibition) and could act as the focus for a member event.

You can view much of the work at the dedicated exhibition website (in French/Portuguese) and obtain additional information here: If you’re interested in Brazil and Brazilian graphic design, read the feature article that I wrote for Communication Arts magazine (online) here

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