Robert L. Peters

17 April 2009

Electrocution vigilance…




Vienna, Austria

Dr. Stefan Jellinek (1871-1968) produced numerous publications warning about the ill-considered and foolhardy use of electricity in the home, at work, and in leisure activities. Original illustrations by well-known graphic artists such as Josef Danilowatz, Franz Wacik, and Eduard Stella helped conveyed the (mostly hidden) dangers of electricity effectively. These drawings are from a 1931 book entitled Elektroschutz in Bildern (Electrical Protection in Pictures).

Above images: Electrocution as the result of urinating on power lines (while barefoot), multi-tasking with a hairdryer, and attempting to read outdoors at night (while barefoot)—who knew? Find many more shocking ways to off one’s self in a Flickr collection here compiled by Bre Pettis.

(thanks, Gregor)

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