Robert L. Peters

7 November 2011

Good design…

Taipei, Taiwan

Two weeks ago today I was honoured to have the opportunity of presenting a keynote lecture in the ‘Economic Development’ stream of the 2011 IDA World Design Congress in Taipei. Here’s my presentation abstract:

Design’s contribution to corporate profitability is well proven and oft touted. Less understood is the pervasive impact that design has had on the shaping of today’s world—an over-consuming, non-sustainable tumult of social and economic instability, cultural erosion, and ecological destruction.

As globalized societies morph rapidly from an information era into an age of ideas, designers increasingly find themselves thrust into a leading role as change-drivers. This presentation will examine a necessary shift in design’s role, share diverse perspectives from around the globe, and challenge us to “think about our thinking.”

Congress participants who wish to receive a downloadable link to a PDF of my presentation can contact me here.

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