Robert L. Peters

7 February 2010

Greetings from… Costa Rica





Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

My brother Jim’s latest email update and pics just in…

“We continue to have a great time on our driving trip through Central America. Spent time in Quetzaltanengo, Panajachel and Antigua, all in Guatemala. Awesome. Then headed to Copan ruins in Honduras—what a beautiful place—those Mayans sure were sophisticated in many ways. From Copan, we headed to Tegucigalpa (capital city of Honduras, 1.4 million people) for one night… tonight we’re in San Juan de Sur, a little surfing town at the bottom end of Nicaragua. It was 100F when we got here. Beautiful sunset and ocean breeze this evening. We might stay here one more day, or possibly head into Costa Rica tomorrow… Border crossings continue to be bewildering adventures, but we’ve survived them all (with considerable help of “bribe” money; amazing how that works).”

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