Robert L. Peters

30 September 2011

Kleine Welten

Frankfurt, Germany

Frank Kunert uses miniature building and photography to create his Kleine Welten (“Small Worlds”). Apart from their astounding detail, it is his tentatively surreal photography of these table top creations that demands close inspection. Some views are intended to instill poetic quality, others humor or silent darkness, he says. The worlds he constructs are mostly industrial grey and colored as if by an overcast sky, and unpeopled. Rather, a careful choice of architecture that defines its people, in a lucid state of altered reality.

Kunert works on each miniature for many months before it is captured on film. Everything about the construction is meant for that moment of story creation. The intended punchline is word play or a subtle jab, he says. His work has been exhibited across Germany and in New York… see more on his website, here; watch a video interview here.

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