Robert L. Peters

25 June 2010

Letters become character-rich sculpture…





Loachapoka, Alabama (USA)

June Corley is a talented designer, art director, and visual artist (as well as an avid gardener and animal lover) living and working in a log cabin (built in 1842) surrounded by woodlands. During several decades she spent in the advertising field (including a spell as principal of her own agency), June collected old signage letters, vintage letterpress type, and a plethora of found objects (many resembling faces) which, for the past several years, she has been fashioning into remarkably engaging sculptural assemblages—each piece offers hidden elements of surprise, discovery, and humor.


All images © 2007-2010 June Corley (used here with her permission, thanks). Visit June’s lovely website to see nearly eighty additional sculptures, browse even more on her Flickr site (updated weekly), and read an in-depth background article from HOW magazine about June and her charming oeuvre here.

(Thanks to friend Martyn Schmoll for introducing me to June’s work).


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