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20 February 2010

More greetings from… Costa Rica





Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

Another “short update” from my brother Jim’s Central-American road trip (previous posts here, here, and here)—he’s now working his way back north…

“Bonny & Joey (Jim’s wife, my sister-in-law—and her sister, Bob’s wife) arrived in Panama City on Feb. 12th. We’ve explored (and experienced) the Panama Canal. Amazingly interesting!

Spent two days at Bocas Del Toro (islands that were the original headquarters for the Chiquita Banana Company, but are now more touristy). Wild boat ride there and back. A full day boat exploration of the mangrove forests, dolphin watching, snorkeling through the corral reefs (WOW!), crashing through the surf of the Caribbean on an amazing white sand beach reachable only by boat… and then a trek through the jungle, dinner on a stilt platform over the ocean waters, etc. And then the celebrations of CARNIVAL (Mardi Gras–Panamanian Style) during the evenings and into the night.

Then, the world’s most astonishing border crossing bridge (border at Sixtoala Panama, into Costa Rica)—unbelievable in almost every astonishing way. (Ask us about it some time).

Two nights in the highlands of Costa Rica at the town of La Fortuna. Our resort hotel was on the northerly slope of Volcano Arenal, an active volcano that spews lava and steam daily, apparently quite a sight! (Apparently, because it was cloudy and rainy the whole time we were there; never saw a thing). We’re told that it is more likely that the weather is not clear, and that many visitors never see the volcano. Oh well, the crocodile, butterfly, and ant farm that was part of our resort was amazing. The rain forest beauty of the flowers, forest, waterfalls, and steam baths made for an enjoyable time despite the weather.

Today we’re at Playa Hermosa (36C, 97F), a beach on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. Tomorrow we head into Nicaragua…”

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