Robert L. Peters

11 December 2009

Nihau, from Taipei.







Taipei, Taiwan

I’m currently spending the better part of a week in Taiwan, lecturing in three cities as part of the 2009 Conference of International Design Competitions (a truly innovative program that encourages and rewards Taiwanese design students for entering international design competitions). This is my third visit to Isla Formosa in recent years, and unlike the rushed and jam-packed previous visits, I’m happily able to engage in some cultural and touristic discovery this time around.

Accompanied by two beautiful and knowledgeable young interpreters (Julia and Tree), my Taipei tour started with a visit to the towering postmodern Taipei 101 (the world’s tallest skyscraper when it was completed five years ago), some upscale window-shopping (you’d almost think Christmas was an ancient Chinese holiday), a delicious Dim Sum lunch (best dumplings ever), followed by a half-day visit to the incredible National Palace Museum (with its collection of 650,000 ancient artifacts encompassing 8000 years of Chinese history). The day ended with a fancy dinner of traditional foods and fine fellowship with Taiwanese design colleagues.

Following the formal presentations and conference proceedings at the Red House Theatre the next day, I had the chance to take in the impromptu street-sights and sounds of the Ximending district. Next stop, Taiching…

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