Robert L. Peters

8 May 2009

This isn’t falling.



Lisbon, Portugal

I gave my talk today to a jam-packed and very generous, appreciative crowd… though very gratifying, I’d have to say the level of enthusiastic feedback was almost embarrassing (organizer Hector Ayuso Ross informed me that mine had been the first ever OFFF presentation to elicit a standing ovation). It’s a relief to have my talk behind me… (these things can be intense—especially with an audience of thousands).

Numerous OFFF participants asked me later if I could provide them with a copy of my talk. I am planning to create a screen-resolution PDF version (within the next week) which includes all the quotations and much of the imagery used—if you attended the OFFF event in Oeiras and would like a copy of my presentation, please contact me by e-mail here and I will send you a link to where you can download the presentation.

Images: one of my title slides; Andre, a young Portuguese participant from 400km north of Lisbon shared this sketch he did of me in his Moleskine during my talk—thanks, dude!

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