Robert L. Peters

12 June 2011

Wave Artists’ Studio Tour | a virtual visit

Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba

Thanks to the many who came out to visit Evelin Richter’s studio ‘What Clay Art & Curios’ as part of the 10th Wave Artists’ Studio Tour over the past two days. The weather was outstanding and the exchange with visitors was stimulating. Among the guests who attended, my Circle colleague Adrian Shum decided to document his impressions photographically by means of his iPhone—view an online Flickr gallery of what he captured here.

Thanks Adrian!

Images: thumbnails from the Flickr gallery; the ‘What Clay Art & Curios’ studio, workshop, and Ev’s house as seen from the street; some of the completed sculptural pieces on display in the “workshop gallery;” “Piercings” jewelery pieces of Ev’s (on sterling silver chains); and the ‘Domestic Goddess’ weather-vane I made for Ev a few years back…


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