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4 February 2008

Mike Grandmaison: master photographer…



Winnipeg, Canada

Mike Grandmaison (Grandmaison Photography) has just launched the new website we designed for him last year. Hosted at and powered by an intuitive content management system from Smallbox Software, Mike’s new site features thousands of his outstanding Canadian images—available for “rights-managed” stock use, publishing, fine art decor, etc. If you enjoy Canadian landscapes (Mike has traveled from corner to corner of this great land) and/or are looking for extraordinary imagery, please visit Mike’s new website here.

2 February 2008



Den Haag, The Netherlands

If you’re a type-fan or typophile, you’ll want to check out (a Microfm broadcast, MP3 internet radio stream, and a podcast station re: all things typographic). Typeradio is Donald Beekman, Liza Enebeis (aka LoveLiza) [DBXL] & Underware; supported by Loudblog, Typophile, (MT) and The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.

(Thanks Catherine)!

1 February 2008

CA features: Russia, Japan, China, Brazil…


Menlo Park, California

Communication Arts magazine (CA) has launched new websites in the past weeks—in the process, links to legacy feature articles previously accessible online have been lost. PDF versions of some of the international design features that I’ve written for CA since 1995 are now available here (click on the country name, average length 14-18 pages, PDF size 4.8 MB): Russia (1995), Japan (2001), Brazil (2003), China (2004).

PDFs for more recent features can be accessed here: Cuba (2006), Australia (2007). Enjoy…

Images: Playing cards by Jelena Kitajeva, Moscow; Picture book of original fonts created at Inter Medium Institute Graduate School, Akio Okumura, art director/designer, Hiroko Matsubara, designer; Brasilero typeface by Crystian Cruz, São Paulo; Panda/Mickey-morph poster by Ma Degang, Shanghai.

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