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8 June 2010




…this would certainly help explain why the “fasten passenger-side seatbelt” light sometimes flashes on my car dashboard when all I have on the seat beside me (as far as I can tell) is my briefcase.

And, to think that the Americans actually figured this out nearly 70 years ago… quite amazing!

7 June 2010




(image from my good friend Gerald Brandt, who unfortunately has little additional information to share about the source of this remarkable juxtaposition…)

6 June 2010

On difficulty and daring…


5 June 2010

You have been warned…


4 June 2010

Message for a Friday…


(original image source unknown)

2 June 2010

Just saying…



My dear Dad was a churchman, and somewhat of a crusader as well—no doubt a little like Thomas Fuller. (The brackets in the above quote are mine).

1 June 2010

On women, and their eyes…




Caution is advised, Gentlemen—from the moment of that first gaze…

Her eye (I’m very fond of handsome eyes)
Was large and dark, suppressing half its fire
Until she spoke, then through its soft disguise
Flash’d an expression more of pride than ire,
And love than either; and there would arise,
A something in them which was not desire,
But would have been, perhaps, but for the soul,
Which struggled through and chansten’d down the whole.

Lord ByronDon Juan (canto I, st. 60)

Original image sources unknown.

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