Robert L. Peters

3 December 2010

Now that is a climbing wall…

Klimcentrum Bjoeks, Groningen, the Netherlands

For a flatland nation with no natural outdoor climbing opportunities, the Excalibur,” a 37-meter-high climbing wall (121 feet for my non-metric US friends—almost a rope-length, with an 11-meter overhang) makes an impressive vertical offer. I’ve designed (and built) several climbing walls and structures in my time… but very puny in comparison to this. (More, better pics taken from a kite, here).

Climb on…

2 December 2010

Cause an Effect

Toronto, Canada

I’ve been asked to give a talk at FITC Toronto 2011 (my 4th time with FITC in hogtown I believe… also enjoyed previously contributing in Chicago, Amsterdam, and Winnipeg). This is Sean Pucknell’s/FITC’s 10th anniversary event, and it promises to be “a busload of thrills.” Early-bird pricing for event attendance closes on 11 December. My presentation is entitled Cause an Effect. The blurb reads as follows:

Our globalized society is morphing rapidly from an information era into the age of ideas—at the same time our fragile planet accelerates towards the edge of survival. Those of us involved in creative pursuits (such as data manipulation, visualization and ideation, media-making, image creation, and content delivery) find ourselves thrust suddenly into the leading role of change drivers. Though equipped with previously unimaginable power, the influence we now wield outstrips our own understanding.

This presentation will explore “why” we do what we do, and “to what end.” Expect humor, passion, pithy insights, astute maxims, and a personal existential narrative wrapped in a big-picture exposition on the power of design to shape culture and influence our tomorrows.

1 December 2010

Typolade… chocolate text

Stuttgart, Germany

Literal enjoyment takes on a new meaning when typography and chocolate meet. Tasty one-liners, two-liners… letters, words, quips—your choice, from Typolade.

Thanks to Gerald Brandt for the link.

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