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11 May 2011

Propaganda "re-mixed"…


During the “Bush era” I posted (and sometimes included in lectures I gave) “re-mixed” propaganda posters by Micah Wright. In his own words, “I shut down the Propaganda Poster Project when Obama got elected… I stupidly thought that (a) everyone had finally woken up, and that (b) Obama was sincere about ending Bush’s war/illegal renditions/closing Gitmo/helping the Middle Class, etc. Sadly, the last two years have simply proven that I have to be just as vocal with my elected Democrats to keep their asses in line as I was vocal against Bush & his ilk.”

View a whole new batch of re-mixed images (such as the one above) here.

10 May 2011

Things real people don't say about advertising…

(No comment… more here.)

Thanks to friend Matt Warburton for the link.

7 May 2011

Bruce Cockburn… on a stamp

Ottawa, Canada

(from a piece in CBC’s Arts & Entertainment)

…Canada Post has announced that a new stamp featuring the celebrated singer-songwriter will be issued on June 30 as part of the third instalment of its Canadian Recording Artists series. His stamp will join the previously announced stamps of Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Robbie Robertson and Ginette Reno.

“This is very exciting,” the Ottawa-born Cockburn said in a statement. The stamp’s design—a black and white image of him against a red background featuring titles of his hit songs—is “beautiful,” he added. Over the years, the folk-rock singer and activist has won multiple awards for his music, which includes hits such as The Coldest Night of the Year and If I Had a Rocket Launcher. His original songs have inspired covers by a wide range of artists—from Jimmy Buffett to the Barenaked Ladies.

He released his 31st album, Small Source of Comfort, in March and is currently touring the U.S.  Cockburn, who is also an officer of the Order of Canada and member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, is slated to publish his memoir in April 2012.

We were happy to have the honor of designing this latest set of stamps featuring Canadian singer/songwriters (at CIRCLE, our third such series)… look for more news and image releases in the weeks to come.

4 May 2011

I have learned silence from the talkative, tolerance from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind… yet strangely, I am unthankful to these teachers.

—Kahlil Gibran

3 May 2011

FITC Toronto 2011…

Toronto, Canada

I gave my presentation at FITC Toronto 2011, the 10th-anniversary gig, earlier today… exploring “why” we do what we do, and “to what end.” My talk included a personal existential narrative (tracing back to the 16th-century Holy Roman Empire) wrapped in a “big-picture exposition” on the power of design to shape culture and influence our tomorrows. Thanks to Shawn Pucknell for bringing me back to FITC on this special occasion (my 8th time giving a talk at FITC I believe).

Thanks also to those in attendance for the positive comments and feedback following the session. As promised, anyone who was registered for this FITC event can contact me and I’ll send you a link to download a PDF version of the presentation.

1 May 2011

"Let no one be provoked to anger or scandal through you, but may everyone be drawn to peace, kindness and harmony through your gentleness. For we have been called to this: to heal the wounded, bind up the broken, and recall the erring."

—Francis of Assisi

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