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7 July 2009

John Bachar | 1957-2009



Mammoth Lakes, California

Sad news today from my long-time climbing buddy (and client) Gregor Brandt… John Bachar, a leading light among free solo climbers of our age passed on two days ago while climbing (solo) on the Dike Wall above Mammoth Lakes where he lived with his son Tyrus… ; a tribute here; an interview here; and more here, and here.

RIP… or climb on, John!

Another truism…


More along this line at Veterans for Peace.

Interviewed on ephemera…


Asheville, North Carolina

An ephemera interview I participated in with Marty Weil is now online here.

Thanks, Marty!

6 July 2009






Atlanta, Georgia

I stumbled across these (and many more) inspiring graphic assemblages by Mark Weaver here. There’s certainly something to be said about the power of juxtaposition…

5 July 2009

Honouring The Man!







Pinawa, Manitoba

I’ve spent the past few days with Evelin and my entire Peters family at the Wilderness Edge resort (in Pinawa, on the Winnipeg River) participating in a get-away weekend in honour of my 89-year-old father, our patriarch John Jacob Peters. With my brother Phil and his clan here from Germany, this provided the first opportunity in several years for us all to be together in one place.

Highlights of the weekend have been an incredible audio-visual presentation my brother Jim assembled from hundreds of old family photographs he had scanned, a well-written life-history presented by Doreen, Dad’s wife (who also took care of all weekend arrangements—thanks!), a musical tribute by brother Phil et al, and the open sharing and good fellowship that takes place when a geographically dispersed family comes together for some quality time. The weather cooperated (for the most part) for the outdoor activities (a hay ride, canoeing, biking, swimming, evening camp-fires) and it seems a good time was had by all. Life is good…

Family photos (from those that surfaced on the weekend): the ship Dad came to Canada on from Russia in 1925; a hand-coloured “John the lumberjack” on Vancouver Island (serving as a Conscientious Objector during World War II); our family stuffed into a Heinkel Kabine (Frankfurt, 1957); brother Jim and I, 1958; Dad enjoying the mountain view (Swiss Alps, c. 1978); and an informal family photo here in Pinawa yesterday.

3 July 2009

The Vamp…


Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege during the past year of collaborating on a variety of sculptural pieces (and in the process, re-discovering a long-lost sense of tactility) with the talented (and smart, and lovely :-) ceramist Evelin Richter. This is one of our latest completed co-productions, The Vamp. You can see more sculptural works at Ev’s website:

The Vamp: Voluptuous coil-built stoneware sculpture, wood-fired to ∆ 12 (vitrified, unglazed—the coloration is natural ash and flashing), mounted on a cast iron pedestal base, with woodstove-tarnished nickel ball-chain skirt; 280mm x 280mm x 630mm high.

2 July 2009



(Thanks, UPS…)

1 July 2009

O Canada…



Winnipeg, Manitoba

I’m generally not nationalistic, nor am I a flag-waver by nature… but I have to admit I do feel moved and deeply appreciative on this particular day each year—Canada Day. It falls mid-week this time, so not the long weekend of most years…. Read what 11 Canadian ex-pats had to say today about missing home in ‘Our True North,’ an Op-Ed in The New York Times.

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