Robert L. Peters

3 July 2009

The Vamp…


Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege during the past year of collaborating on a variety of sculptural pieces (and in the process, re-discovering a long-lost sense of tactility) with the talented (and smart, and lovely :-) ceramist Evelin Richter. This is one of our latest completed co-productions, The Vamp. You can see more sculptural works at Ev’s website:

The Vamp: Voluptuous coil-built stoneware sculpture, wood-fired to ∆ 12 (vitrified, unglazed—the coloration is natural ash and flashing), mounted on a cast iron pedestal base, with woodstove-tarnished nickel ball-chain skirt; 280mm x 280mm x 630mm high.

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