Robert L. Peters

8 October 2008

30 Reasons…


From all over the USA…

Chaz Maviyane-Davies writes: “Tell me it can’t be true. Following 8 years of disastrous governance, the Democrats field the best candidate this country has seen in generations, against one of the worst the Republicans have ever mustered, and the media’s political pundits would have us seriously contemplate more of the same. Is anyone ever going to learn?” From ‘30 Reasons,’  a 30-day email and internet campaign to encourage people to vote for Barack Obama.

“Our goal is simple: Use design to build a logical, multi-faceted argument for Obama and make it easy to share each reason with another person… We enlisted 30 graphic designers to create a poster that represents a reason to vote for Obama. Starting on October 5th, we will post a new poster online every day and email it to our list. Recipients can easily share the email with other supporters and friends who are undecided.”

See all the posters (to date) here: or sign up at to receive a daily email.


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