Robert L. Peters

29 August 2008

A kick-ass web conference…


Brighton, United Kingdom

I’ve been asked to be a speaker at the <head> web conference, a unique new type of event that is global, green… and online. Here’s the skinny… “<head> is a web conference that brings together some of the most interesting and exciting developers, designers, creatives, and thought leaders from around the web to share with you their passions and expertise. The sessions cover a wide range of timely topics including web standards, accessibility, web application development, Flash, Flex, and scalability.

The premise for <head> is simple: instead of making you come to the web conference, let’s make the web conference come to you. <head> is a web conference with all of the traditional elements. We have live speakers, presentations, question and answer sections, and networking opportunities. The twist is that the conference takes place everywhere—all over the world—and at real-world gatherings called local conference hubs. And we use the Internet to tie it all together.

<head> is an environmentally-friendly web conference. We save on thousands of flights and the resulting carbon emissions by having speakers and attendees interact with the conference locally.

We have not lost sight of the key aspects that we love about conferences: the social interactions, the conversations, the sense of community, the exchange of knowledge, and the forging of new friendships and opportunities. We are building these into our online community where attendees and non-attendees alike can interact before, during, and after the conference.

Attendees and speakers can participate in the conference from the comfort of their own homes or surrounded by others at local conference hubs around the world. Local conference hubs are real-world, local gatherings supported by local venue sponsors (like Yahoo! in London, and the BBC in Manchester) and local community groups such as Adobe User Groups. Local conference hubs make the conference truly global in scope and inject it with the real-world social element that is so crucial to a successful conference.

<head> is delivered live, over the Internet, using a custom conference application built with Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server (FMIS), Adobe Flex, and Adobe Flash technologies. Courtesy of our Platinum Sponsor and Technology Partner, Influxis, we have a rock-solid cluster of FMIS instances that is capable of supporting 10,000 simultaneous connections during the connection.”

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