Robert L. Peters

8 October 2011

A salute! To Wall Street Occupiers…

New York, USA

Hats off to the ordinary citizens, 20-somethings, seniors, union workers, off-duty policemen, environmentalists, (and increasingly, journalists)—employed and unemployed—who are either camping out on Wall Street or visiting the protestors this weekend. I predict a steadily growing movement that will spread in both energy and girth, and that will ultimately help to create long-overdue change in the once-powerful United States of America (which much of the world still looks to for leadership). Keep it peaceful, keep it real—stay the course, good people!

The time to overthrow the corporate kleptocracy that has bedeviled your land, and—by “globalized” extension—the rest of the world, is long overdue… take in some reportage and commentary on this exciting grass-roots action here (Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author Chris Hedges).


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