Robert L. Peters

25 November 2008

Buy Nothing Christmas…


Winnipeg, Canada

Aiden Enns (founder of Buy Nothing Christmas) along with some merry minstrels and assorted anti-consumer activists are gathering in the ‘Peg tomorrow night for some pre-Christmas shopping mall mischief… as I’m not able to join the toqued troubadours, this poster is my contribution to the cause this season.

Learn more about Buy Nothing Christmas (alternative gift ideas, twisted carols, down-loadable posters, etc.) here. Listen to the song ‘Buy Nothing At All’ by Joel Kroeker here. Help to promote Buy Nothing Day (this Saturday, 29 November) and consider giving the gift of time (or a lovingly made gift you’ve created) instead of shopping this season. And, if you see anyone shopping aimlessly, give them a good hug… it may be all they really need.

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