Robert L. Peters

26 February 2010

Chapter by chapter…


Vancouver, British Columbia

I don’t shill, so to be honest, I’m feeling just a little bit dirty in posting this… on the other hand, I know that Eric Karjaluoto is a damn good writer (I’ve commented on that before, here) and I get the impression he’s also a pretty good thinker, designer, and (likely—I’ve never actually bent elbows with the man) a pretty decent human being as well.

When I received Eric’s “pseudo-spam” message today, stating that he’s “doing something that sort of scares him—giving away his book,” it did get my attention. It appears that over the next few months, Eric will be posting his new book Speak Human online, one chapter at a time. Though “kind of foolhardy,” he thinks the message delivered in the book is important (how could he not?, I think to myself), “whether they decide to drop $20 or not.” What can I say… this man is also not shy.

You can review the book’s Table of Contents here and the second chapter, Thank Goodness You’re Small (which just went live,) here. Good luck, Eric, really… perhaps you’ll buy me a beer and we could have a face-to-face conversation some time? :-)

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