Robert L. Peters

2 September 2009

Come for the WAVE,



Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba

Ev has been busy preparing for the second round of the 8th WAVE Artists Studio Tour, a self-guided event that takes place this Saturday and Sunday (5 and 6 September). She’ll have a selection of recent sculptural works (like this, this, and this) on display, as well as new series of thrown vessels and assemblage jewelery. The Fishfly Gallery in Winnipeg Beach also has some of her works on display (like this and the piece shown above). If you are in Manitoba, please do drop by… if not, you can see more of Ev’s work at What? Clay Art & Curios.

Images above: Third Time Lucky (with detail), a figurative slab-built stoneware sculpture, finished with burnished steel low-fire glazes and iron oxide stain, with found porcelain hand and bifocal eyeglasses; 430mm x 230mm x 545mm high. Ev’s comment: “Beach safety is always top of mind when living in a lakeside community… combine this with the fear of myopic perspective and you have ready-made irony within reach.”

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