Robert L. Peters

21 April 2011

Concordia Foundation 28th Gala Fundraiser…

Winnipeg, Canada

Much as I’m not big on formal events, I am looking forward to the gala black-tie dinner tonight at the Hotel Fort Garry on Broadway (which I’ll attend with Evelin and some colleagues from CIRCLE). This evening’s special honoree is our well-liked former provincial Premier, now Canada’s Ambassador to the USA in Washington, Gary Doer. This event is the 28th annual for the Concordia Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to preserving the high quality of health and wellness services provided by Concordia (Concordia Hospital, Concordia Place, Concordia Hip & Knee Institute, Concordia Wellness Projects and Concordia Village).

CIRCLE is a sponsor of the gala event, and we also designed the related graphics and collateral materials. We recently launched a new website for the Concordia Foundation, here.

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