Robert L. Peters

24 March 2010

Design Inspiration… a flashback


Toronto, Canada

Sorting through some old files at the office this week I came across a one-page response that I’d submitted to Applied Arts back in 2001—in answer to the question posed by Sara Curtis, the magazine’s editor at the time: “What do you keep in your work space to inspire you?” The resulting piece was featured as the last page of the May/June (Vol. 16, No. 3) issue…

“What inspires me most are encounters, experiences, and exchanges with other creative people I meet around the world. When I travel, I collect meaningful mementos, visual artifacts, and small mnemonic objects—steeped in memories, rich in semiotics and ready to trigger recall in an instant. Back in the studio, these tactile little collectibles act as icons for experiences and invite the Muse. Here are some items from my bulletin board and the corners of my office…”

(you can see the full page as a PDF and read the image captions or by clicking on the image below — Sorry, links broken).



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