Robert L. Peters

24 October 2009

Domestic Goddess…



Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba

More people have expressed interest in the quirky assemblage weathervanes that I’ve been making—so I thought I’d post the latest. Domestic Goddess (a tongue-in-cheek composition dedicated to Ev’s alleged culinary prowess) now graces the top of a wooden pole in front of her ceramics studio.

This piece invokes the heroic narrative of “harnessing the domestic beast” and comprises a large chromed-copper kettle, an old wooden kitchen shelf shaped as a wing (adorned with sheet copper, spoons, and knives), metal shoe-trees as secondary wings, serving forks as tail feathers, a railing banister with a wood-fired ceramic arrowhead as a directional pointer, a ceramic dragon-head (chained to the kettle with ball-chain from vertical blinds with a brass lock)—all topped with a found copper and brass angel figurine (perhaps a Christmas ornament from a former time) brandishing a brass trident. Bearings from an old roller-skate wheel provide friction-free swiveling action.

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