Robert L. Peters

8 July 2010

Evelin’s latest…


Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba

I have to say—it’s a lot of fun having a partner as creative as my darlin’ Evelin (Richter). A side benefit of our relationship is my being able to assist in the ceramics studio (with the chance to hone tactile and haptic sensibilities) as her latest iterations come to life. I’ll post more of her most recent figurative work (and maybe even some of my own) as it reaches fruition over the next months. In the meantime, have a look at what she’s up to here.

Image: On The Surface, All Seemed Normal Figurative slab-built stoneware sculpture, finished with low-fire glazes and iron oxide stain (augmented with cold-finishes); sterling silver bridle and a formed copper bit; 420mm x 210mm x 340mm tall.

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