Robert L. Peters

7 March 2008

Favorable Faces…


Winnipeg, Canada

Of interest to type-lovers: the Type Directors Club has announced the winners of its typeface design competition TDC2; the journal Typographica has posted the results of its fourth annual review, dubbed “the Oscars of typeface design.” There is a profusion of great faces being released around the world these days, much to the delight of typophiles. In the past week we’ve acquired licenses to the beautiful and versatile text family Chronicle, a “blended Scotch Transitional” by New York’s Hoefler & Frere-Jones, as well as the casually artful Pronto by Argentinian designer Angel Koziupo of Sudtipos.

Faces shown: the blackletter Fakir by The Netherlands’ Underware; the grotesque National by New Zealander Kris Sowersby of KLIM; the renaissance-inspired Augustin by Ludwig Übele of Den Haag; and the calligraphic Burgues Script (Bourgeois in English) by Ale Paul of Sudtipos in Buenos Aires.

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