Robert L. Peters

19 March 2008

Five years in Iraq…


Washington, D.C.

Well, today marks five horrific years since the “pre-emptive strike” on Iraq by the U.S., based on conclusive “intelligence” it had collected regarding the threat that Baghdad posed to the world’s fear-ridden superpower… we all know where things are actually at—though this is what George W. Bush had to say today (please listen to the dear man’s voice for full effect).

Because sometimes the best thing you can do is laugh, here’s a link to a more humorous take on things (language warning)—thanks to Shirley Hicks in Toronto for that, from an exchange on the GDC Listserv today. I also heard Phil Donohue on CBC Radio while driving to work (I don’t normally listen to American talk-show hosts, I’ll have you know…) here’s what Phil had to say.

Sad, very sad, a very sad day indeed… thankfully spring arrives within a few hours from now, as Tom Waits quips here….

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