Robert L. Peters

25 January 2010

Goodbye, my friend… goodbye.


Duncan, British Columbia

Betty called me yesterday, Louis… to tell me you were gone. She told me that you had passed on suddenly, and without pain. We cried together on the phone, she assured me that Chris and Vincent were there with her… and that they were all going to be OK. This evening I found your obituary online—and I’m still having a tough time believing you’ve actually left us.

I remember you well as one of my first design clients (thanks for your enabling trust!), and then working with you when you turned entrepreneur to launch your own fashion business. I remember going to your rally races (the fact that you drove a clunky Volvo was made up for by your driving prowess), the many years we went hunting together (some more successful and/or eventful than others—but an annual highlight nonetheless), the gourmet meals we shared (the fact you were an oenophile didn’t hurt), and the great times of fellowship and laughter. My most sustaining memory of you, however, will be your profound humanity… and the way you treated every person that you’d encounter with genuine interest and care. This world could use more of your ilk.

I’ll miss you my friend… rest in peace, Louis Denis Spronken.

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