Robert L. Peters

31 January 2010

Greetings from… Tapachula


Tapachula, Mexico

My older brother Jim (recently retired from a lifetime teaching career) is on an extended road-trip south to Panama (and back, we’re hoping!) with his brother-in-law Bob Banman. I’ve just received the first travel update by email and am re-posting it here, in Jim’s words, for the benefit of extended family and friends…

“We got stopped by the Mexican army today. They searched through all our stuff, then tried to convince us to sell them Bob’s big GPS. The soldiers sure wanted it, but we managed to leave without selling them the GPS or giving them any money, so that was good.

Tomorrow morning we try to cross the border into Guatemala; then we have only a short drive (140km) to Quetzaltenango.

We’re in Tapachula, Mexico right now. It was 97F here today (36C) and humid. We spent the evening sitting in the city plaza, eating supper and watching the people. They all come to the city plaza for the evening, all dressed up and ready to socialize. Bob and I stand out of the crowd because we’re gringos and so much bigger than everybody else.

Did lots of mountain driving today; good roads in Mexico! Will be in touch again soon…”

Pic is of “Diego and Pako, two little street merchants I paid 5 pesos each to let me take their pictures.”

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