Robert L. Peters

19 July 2009

Happy Birthday, Stasys!




Warsaw, Poland

Our friend, the incredibly talented illustrator Stasys Eidrigevičius, turns 60 this week. Best wishes, and keep up with the phenomenal work! (Experience some of Stasys’ remarkably empathetic illustrations and graphic creations here, here, and here).

Stasys currently has an exhibition (Stasys and POLITYKA—drawings for the magazine Polityka from 1986-9 as well as posters) on exhibit at the Koszalin Town Art Museum; from 25-26 July an instillation of his is showing at the ECHIGO-TSUMARI ART TRIENNAL; two days ago (17 July) his works went on display at the Toyama Poster Triennal; and on 3 August, his exhibition Wall of Silence opens in Warsaw the Muzeum Powstania. (Thanks to Rene Wanner for the news and exhibiton details).

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