Robert L. Peters

21 October 2009

HRH Prince Philip on Graphic Design…


London, (September, 1964)

During the past weeks I’ve been doing some preparation for the 23rd biennial Icograda General Assembly taking place this weekend in Beijing, China (in conjunction with Xin, the Icograda World Design Congress). In the process, this lovely typewritten note crossed my desk, written by His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, issued on the occasion of the very first Icograda Congress held in Zürich, Switzerland, some 45 years ago…

I’ve heard rumour that China’s “paramount leader” Hu Jintao may show up at this Icograda Congress in Beijing to give an address to the thousands of graphic designers assembled for the occasion (that would be way cool, no?)… though I’m not holding my breath. Nonetheless, many of us actively involved in the profession of visual communication design still care about “improving standards” around the world, and these biennial events provide a suitable occasion for exchange and further development of best practices… for what that’s worth.


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