Robert L. Peters

16 January 2006

Light of Hope for Indonesia


Jakarta, Indonesia

Robert L. Peters was one of the Canadian designers invited to contribute to “Light of Hope for Indonesia,” the biggest international poster exhibition held in that country within the last 16 years. The works were exhibited in several Indonesian cities, and involved 66 designers from 17 countries: Indonesia, USA, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, The Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Iran, Germany, UK, Canada, Denmark and Hong Kong. The exhibition garnered enormous enthusiasm, recording a total of 40,000 attendees. The largest number of visitors took in the exhibit in Jakarta, in conjunction with FGD Expo 2005, the largest graphic exhibition in Southeast Asia.

Peters’ poster submission depicts the red/white Indonesian flag as a skewed, wave-crested horizon in combination with a hand-written prayer for wellbeing drawn from ancient runes.

Light of Hope for Indonesia—Exhibit Report (PDF download, 2.4 MB)

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