Robert L. Peters

25 January 2008

Love you forever…


Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba

This is a gift piece of Evelin Richter’s we recently commissioned to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary of Circle’s coordinator Carol MacKay and her hubby Murray. The generous bowl (250mm Ø x 85mm thrown stoneware with low-fire 04∆ burnished steel glaze, hand-crafted wooden gift box) has a subtle yet perpetual message inscribed around the circumference (you feel it before you see it)— “…Carol loves Murray loves Carol loves Murray….”

Following the inevitable pre-Christmas artisan markets (replete with angel-themed figurines, etc.), Ev is now concentrating on figurative pieces and larger conceptual installations—she still gladly takes commissions however, and can be contacted via coordinates at her website here. View previously posted samples of her work here, and read a backgrounder (4.8 MB PDF re: Ev and her new studio What? Clay Art & Curios) here.

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