Robert L. Peters

25 September 2010

mother tongue…

(all over the world, tonight)

I’ve been hearing from folks around the globe about their promotion of and preparations re: contributing to Mother Tongue, INDIGO’s cross-cultural platform for exchange regarding original languages and the significant role these play in how we understand ourselves and others.

Two days ago, I was happy to be able to give a half-hour introduction regarding Mother Tongue (via a Skype Q&A) to a group of 80 or so graphic design students at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, ARTESIS Hogeschool in Antwerp, Belgium. Thanks to longtime friend and design colleague Frank Andries for this opportunity… I very much look forward to what these students will submit (participating in Mother Tongue forms a part of their coursework this semester).

I’d encourage anyone reading this post to consider making your own contribution to the Mother Tongue exchange. Submission deadline is 1 December 2010…

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