Robert L. Peters

26 July 2012

Occupy: What's Next?

San Francisco, California

Results of the international poster competition (with participants from more than 30 countries) on the theme of “Occupy: What’s Next?” have been announced… winners were chosen for their graphic impact and creativity in confronting the challenges of economic inequality, greed, corporate influence, political corruption, and environmental tragedy that were identified by the populist Occupy Wall Street movement of fall 2011.

See more and read more here and here.

“Viewed together, these posters convey the intensity of discontent with the status quo maintained by a hyper-priviledged 1% while demonstrating the role that designers around the globe can play by engaging constructively in social debate. Designers were urged in the briefing to go beyond the conventions of protest by creating positive messages. The submissions and the jury’s selections make clear how difficult that task is.”

(Thanks to David Peters, [no relation], one of the gig’s organizers).

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