Robert L. Peters

13 April 2008

Of blonds and blondes…


Somewhere in (or near) Scandinavia…

I’m blond. I married a beautiful blonde (or so I thought at the time). I suppose I’ve always had this thing for blondes—though whether or not we/they actually “have more fun” is likely a matter for debate (if it really is true, would the Nordic countries not be the happiest place on earth)?

I recently came across this diagram at Strange Maps. The map shows the one place in the world where at least 80% of the population is fair-haired—in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Indicating the varying degrees of ‘blondness’ in Europe, it shows “how fair hair gets rarer further away from this core area—towards the south, as one intuitively might presume, but also towards the east, west and even towards the north. The consecutive bands (coloured in such a way as to approximately represent the ‘average’ hair colour in each area) surrounding the core blonde area in Scandinavia in most cases don’t correspond with national boundaries, but could be taken to represent certain degrees of ethnic variation, often with a possible historical explanation.” For the full scoop, visit here.

Q: How do you get a blond or blonde out of a tree? A: Wave. :-)

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